I wish there was a color for active listening.

Lesenswert: Der Tumblr drawingcircles von Alex Todaro über seine Diplomarbeit zum Thema EatingDesign mit vielen weiterführenden Links.  Kernstück der Arbeit ist ein interaktiver Esstisch, der die Kommunikation während des Essens visualisiert.

My recent research has led me down a strong path of theory and criticism. More specifically I’ve been looking into deconstructing objects into more nuanced criteria beyond aesthetics and functionality. “Para-functionality” is a form of design where function is used to encourage reflection on how products condition our behavior.

Para”Suggests design is within the realm of utility but goes beyond conventional definitions of functionalism to include the poetic. 

This idea begins to break down the barriers of Recognize: Respond. Implicitly ‘recognition’ denotes a form of relying on a previous understanding of an object and it’s relationship to different behaviors. An easy example is the telephone. Before the iphone, we could look at any phone and easily stereotype it’s behavior. However once the iphone was made, or any mobile telephone for that matter we could no longer simply recognize it, a transition into perception was necessary to modify our previously held beliefs allowing for new possibilities for our relationships with the object.


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